As an online student, you will:

● Become a part of the online students’ community.
● Have the ability to decide when studying is most convenient.
● Be able to study in any part of the world as long as there is an internet connection.
● Have full access to the institution’s support services.


The programs are usually delivered in form of courses which the student can complete at a time convenient to you. Furthermore, the programs provide various opportunities whereby you get to interact with other students from all over the world. Different platforms include:

● Blogs.
● Discussion forums.
● Virtual worlds.
● Video streaming activities, for example through YouTube.
● Virtual learning environment.


Technical Requirements for Online Education Programs

The major requirement for online programs is to have a computer with internet access. You are bound to be part of a wide network of students worldwide and therefore you should be free to interact with them through the online tutorials or even joint assignments.

The online education programs have a great innovation. The programs have made the world a global village by making communication so much easier.


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Academic Enrichment


Academic Enrichment is committed to working closely with students, faculty, employers and community partners to provide quality experiential learning opportunities that enhance academic learning, integrate theory and practice, and promote professional development and active citizenship. 

To empower students to develop the academic skills and strategies that will pave the way for future success. Every student can benefit from the support we offer–struggling students gain confidence and see great improvement, and high-achieving students become even stronger.

Aim high, work hard

Our teaching is based on the belief that we can never know how far pupils might go or how high they might fly. It is important that young people break free of any self-imposed limits of what they can achieve and instead aim high and work hard.